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 Location 欣欣百貨


No. 247, Linsen N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Frequently Asked Questions 常見問題

  • How to apply for a VIP card
    (1) Anyone who spends more than 1,000 yuan in the company on the same day can apply for a VIP card at the service desk on the first basement floor with the invoice. (2) Anyone who spends unlimited amount at the special agricultural products counter can apply for a VIP card at the first basement floor with the invoice. (3) After the formalities are completed, the accumulated points can be consumed after receiving the VIP card.
  • Points
    (1) If you spend RMB 100 or more on the day of shopping in the company, you can accumulate 1 point (only R Us, JASONS Supermarket, Shabu Naiye, Gulajue, Friday Restaurant, Star Plaza, Xiutai Cineplex, Unified Starbucks coffee, gin, COME BUY, UNIQLO… except). (2) When accumulating points, one person gets one card, which can only be used by the individual. *If you spend more than 100 yuan on the same day, you can accumulate 1 point *200 points exchanged for 100 yuan cash coupon
  • Exchange method
    (1) Once the accumulated points reach 200 points, they can be exchanged for gifts. The more accumulated points, the higher the rate of exchange for gifts. (2) Points are accrued on a yearly basis.
  • exchange time
    Please go to the information desk on the first basement floor during business hours.
  • Gift Withdrawal
    (1) 200 points can be exchanged for a 100 yuan cash voucher.
  • query service
    (1) Inquiry location: Service Desk on the first basement floor. (2) Inquiries: 02-2511-2211, ext. 188, 187.
  • gift content
    Consumption Coupons.
  • Parking Fee Discount
    Front hall (excluding cinemas) Free parking for 1 hour for purchases over 1,000 yuan on the day.
  • Instructions for purchasing and using gift certificates
    Gift Certificate Sales Regulations of Shin Shin Mass Market Co., Ltd. October 26, 110 1. Purpose: To encourage the company's colleagues to do their best to promote, accelerate capital operation, and improve performance, this regulation is formulated. 2. The scope of use of the company's gift certificates: department stores, food courts, supermarkets, movie theaters, Toys R Us, Star Plaza International Banquet Hall , gin, and agricultural products from the Retirement Association Special area, National Army clothing pick-up point, Life Workshop, Sushi Lang, Friday Restaurant, Gulajue Restaurant, Shabu Noye Restaurant, UNIQLO. 3. Promotional coupon discount: (1) For one-time purchase of 100,000 yuan or more, the discount is 1.0%; (2) For a purchase of 300,000 yuan or more, a 1.5% discount will be given; (3) If you purchase more than 500,000 yuan (inclusive), you will get a discount of 2.0%; 4. Requirements for issuing gift certificates: (1) The gift certificates sold are limited to consumption and cannot be exchanged for cash directly. (2) When customers shop with gift certificates, the cash register should mark the payment method on the unified invoice. After the business unit receives the gift certificates, it should draw a line or punch holes to show that they are invalid. (3) Coupons that have been redeemed shall be audited and destroyed on a monthly basis, and repeated sales shall not be allowed. (4) Gift certificates cannot be used to offset cash (rent) or commission. (5) Taking advantage of one's power to intentionally pursue private interests or illegally benefit others, causing heavy losses to the company, shall be dealt with in accordance with Article 38, Paragraph 1, Item 3 of the company's working rules. 5. Accounting processing of gift certificate operations: (1) When the gift certificate is on sale, a gift certificate purchase certificate will be issued, and a unified invoice will not be issued. When shopping with gift certificates, a unified invoice will be issued according to the actual purchase amount. (2)This method stipulates that cash, credit card, bank remittance, certified check (each financial bank is the drawer's Taiwan branch, bank cashier's check) ). (3) For the sale of gift certificates, you can first obtain the gift certificates. At the end of each day's business, you should prepare a sales report and send it to the cashier team of the management department for accounting. 6. The company reserves the right to suspend or cancel the promotion, or revise the relevant terms.
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